WordPress Can Boost Your Business

Wordpress templates can definitely attract customers and boost business

WordPress  can boost your bottom line by making you a real pro at developing  and running  your own website.  Instead of depending on techie outsiders, now you can put your own best foot forward  on the Web. Since  you know your product better than any web designer, who is better than you to put passion and feeling into your own site? Shout to the world what you have to offer and tell everyone from Teaneck to Tibet that you are open for business.  Dramatically improved technology puts this into your reach – and for less than $ 100 per year.

Interested ? Well,  here is how WordPress can help make you into the next Amazon.com-

1.  Simple to Design and Add Content

Actually, using the word “design” isn’t quite accurate, as WordPress takes care of all of the complicated behind-the-scenes design, style, and colors through the use of hundreds of prebuilt but easy to customize themes.  It is sort of like working with Lego blocks to build whatever final result you can imagine. And WordPress helps make sure that your new text, images and video content display well on the computer monitor.

2.  You’re in Control of Your Content

There are too many horror stories about online providers going out of business – leaving the business owners without a website.  In some cases, all the website content was lost.  In others, the content was salvageable, but the download was a mass of unformatted gobbledygook text and html.  To add insult to injury, the business owner then had to pay for a new website all over again.   WordPress  comes to the rescue by allowing  regular and frequent backups of website content to the safety of your hard drive.  From there, exporting  and importing content  to another site is easy.  The WP Backup plugin will back up your files and email them to you even daily if you wish. A plugin is a third party add-on that provides some type of functionality , backend management,  or  even marketing benefit to your site.

3.  Search Engines LOVE WordPress

To be fair, search engines love all blog platforms as they make publishing new content so easy. There is a steady flow of new original information to index.  WordPress is especially SEO-friendly, but the addition of a plugin like WordPress SEO  has resulted in improved search engine results positions for users.

4.  WordPress Works for Any Business

A Complex Car Dealership Website that Runs on WordPress

Whether you’re a local retailer or an Internet shopping site, WordPress can work for you.  There are many shopping cart and eCommerce solutions plugins that power retail sites  everywhere from clothing to car parts.  An example of just how NOT out-of-the-box-bloglike a site can look is one of many Earnhardt auto dealership sites using WordPress.

That certainly doesn’t look like a two-column blog!  And, while taking this screen shot, a Chat popup appeared with a salesman ready to help us find the car of our dreams.  Now THAT is how to run a business.

5.  An Active Developer Community

There are literally hundreds of powerful plugins and themes allowing WordPress users to customize sites by adding features and functionality.  These are great for sales. For example, using the Dynamic Widgets plugin feature,  one clothing retailer places special offers on pages  that are product-specific to the articles on that page.    A reader searching for a new jacket style is exposed specifically to an ad for that jacket style rather than seeing merely a generic ad.

An electronics retailer uses the Ad Rotator  along with Dynamic Widgets to run product ads by category. But these two powerful plugins also automatically rotate those product ads out of a large group of ads of his bestselling products.

These plugins benefit the retailer’s bottom line at little or no cost to him.

6.  If Community is For You – Build it on WordPress

Businesses in the field of consulting or those having active information exchange will benefit from plugins   that turn “ mere “ customers into an enhanced interactive community.  These community forum plugins allow site visitors to trade stories, images, and even videos with people who have similar interests.  Nothing better than getting your customers involved with each other – and doing it on your site.  Mingly is a really easy to set up community forum plugin used by travel sites. It invites  visitors to upload photos  and write about their vacations.  And, as an extra powerful bonus, your site gets the SEO clout that comes from the original content they create.

7.  No Stress Over Mobile


It’s obvious that mobile devices are taking over the Internet marketing world.  Probably no surprise to you either. Consumers are actively shopping on small screens. There’s no need to worry about multiple sites and high mobile site development costs with WordPress, as there are plugins for proper mobile display.  Even more effective, there are “mobile responsive” WordPress themes popping up every day, such as the very popular StudioPress.com themes.  Choose one of these and your site will look great right out of the box on any phone or tablet.

8.  You Don’t Have to Do-It-Yourself

While many have found WordPress to be easy to learn, writers and bloggers are everywhere with the skills to build your site and create content if you  want a different perspective..  Their services are very affordable, especially if you put your project out for bids on freelance sites like Elance.com and Guru.com.

The sooner your site is up and running well – the sooner traffic starts to flow.

By Jim Kimmons

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